CO2 Emissions from Power Stations can be Eliminated

Fossil Fuels for Firing Power Stations can be Eliminated

CO2 Emissions from Power Stations and Furnaces can be Captured, Recycled to CH4, and Reburned again and again

NEW Technology Proven at Regensburg University Bavaria


Wasted CO2 and Steam emitted to our atmosphere by Fossil-Fuel Power Stations can all be reused


The World's scientists are futilely arguing between themselves whether Global Warming and Climate Change have resulted from human activities by the use of fossil fuels since the advent of the Industrial Revolution 300 years ago. Ignoring the solution cannot be a risk worth taking as living species depend upon the right choice for continued existence. The argument is unimportant : the elimination of the increasing polluting carbon dioxide emissions from extracted fossil-fuels is the real problem solution.

Scientists are unaware that the solution is available now. CO2 emissions are trapped and re-used by converting them back to CH4 (methane) fuel again and again instead of dumping them into our atmosphere and extracting more and more fossil-fuels for fuel.

The development of renewable energy sources is expensive and is unlikely to produce sufficient energy in time to substitute or replace the use of fossil fuels or contain global warming temperatures below the maximum 2oC increase required. Serious attempts have been implemented but their impact has not been sufficient to indicate that new coal, oil and NLG resources aren't still necessary. More fossil-fuel resources continue to be used by increasing numbers of power stations and furnaces as sources of energy.

The developed processes of CCS and CCSU are on the right track. The question and the problem are what to do with the carbon dioxide captured. This can be resolved by trapping and recycling the carbon dioxide repeatedly and using the clean energy created each time.

Many skeptics have hitherto been convinced that the laws of Thermodynamics prevent such processes from being possible viably. The new process, invented by chemical engineer Steven Wolfowitz, actually proves it can be done easily. Proven results have been obtained at Regensburg University in Bavaria, Germany after seven years of R&D.

In fossil-fueled power stations electricity obtained by burning fossil-fuels is obtained but the CO2 also produced is just dumped into our atmosphere. The carbon, which can be recycled, is just wasted. Currently:


CH4 (from all fossil fuels) + 2O2 -> CO2 (dumped into our air) + 2H2O


With the new process the Carbon, C, is not dumped into our atmosphere - it is repeatedly recycled and reburned:


CO2 -> CH4 -> CO2 -> CH4 .... etc., etc.


CO2 + 2H2O -> CH4 + 2O2



The World needs to become aware of the availability of this new important new technology so it can be implemented in time.





US PATENT : 9,243,264
WIPO PUBLICATION : WO 2014/016815 A2


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